During the last three years we completed following Aluminium Partitioning works

bullet-checkmark Partition works at Postal Department – Rs 5.07 Mn
bullet-checkmark Make supply & Installing Rack’s for Ministry of Public Administration – Rs 4.81Mn
bullet-checkmark Office Renovation & Partition works at Training Institute Building, Ministry of Public Administration – Rs 3.56 Mn
bullet-checkmark Partition works & Office Renovation works for Ministry of Housing – Rs 6.50 Mn
bullet-checkmark Partition works for Ministry of Construction and Engineering Services – Rs 6.30 Mn
bullet-checkmark Fabrication of Windows for Ministry of Public Administration – Rs 10.91 Mn

Wooden partioning work is carried out by the carpentry workshop

bullet-checkmark Proposed Refurbishment Exhibition Galleries National maritime museum ,Galle –  Rs 5.68 Mn