Powder coated Baby Cot       Ordinary Hospital Bed (size 180cm lengthx70cm heghtx 65cm width)   Powder coated Overbed Table
Powder coating technology has been introduced from 2009 for Steel products, especially hospital furniture. But this technology can be used for other Steel products use in various sectors such as schools, offices, and for other metals surfaces requiring better surface finish and durability.Powder coating can be applied to aluminum, steel, cast iron, copper, gold, brass, bronze, nickel, stainless steel, and chrome-plated metals. The process involves electro statically applying dry plastic powder to a metal surface and then heat-curing it. The application process eliminates runs and sags usually associated with liquid paint. Other than the above mentioned products following products or parts of the products can be powder coated.
bullet-checkmark  Home appliances use for cooking, food preservation, air conditioners, Refrigerators and cleaning machines.
bullet-checkmark  Automobile and bicycle parts
bullet-checkmark  Powder coating use to the anti-corrosion protection for pipeline, valves & fittings and reinforcing steel etc…
bullet-checkmark  Wires and wire products (Wire meshes etc)
bullet-checkmark  Fences and fencing parts
bullet-checkmark  Garden products