Department of Government Factory procures nearly 120Mn worth of Raw Materials, Machineries, Water Management Accessories, Office Equipment, Consumables, and Services annually.

National Procurement Agency guidelines, and circulars and supplementary issued by the Ministry of Public Finance time to time are followed. Widely followed Procurement Procedures are National Shopping, and National Competitive Bidding.

National Shopping Procedure is followed for readily available off the shelf items while National Competitive Bidding is followed for import and supply items and items not readily available. Procurement value of items varies from 0 to 50Mn.

Suppliers selected for quotation calling from Supplier Registration, Rainbow Pages, and Past Experience for National Shopping and paper advertise for National Competitive Bidding. “Dinamina”, “Thinakaran”, and “Ceylon Daily Newspapers are used for paper advertising. Also, publish in the Web Site.

Procurement of Capital Expenditure items are carried out under the procurement plan prepared at the beginning of the year for which funds are release by the General Treasury and strictly monitored. Procurement of Time Schedules for other items are prepared time to time on the job basis.

Categories of Goods and Services are shown below. Application Forms and other details of supplier registration are given in the “Service Registration” link of this Web Site.

1.0 Procurement Status

2.0 Goods Categories

3.0 Services Categories

4.0 On Going Tenders