Materials used for manufacturing these gates are of Cast Iron, Mild Steel, Structural Steel, Stainless Steel, and Timber depending on the customer needs.

The types of Gates

      • Cast iron sluice gates are of circular opening ranging from 6 inches Ø to 30 inches Ø, in three inches intervals and used to regulate water levels in cannels. These gates consists of various parts such as, housing, seat, slide, base plate, wedge block, brass or gun metal nut, operating handle or wheel, threaded spindle, extension bars, anchor bolts and nuts etc. Cast iron sluice gates are one of our Standard Products.
      • Radial gates are made out of using Structural Steel and Stainless Steels 316 L grade


    • Maintenance of water elevations in canals and spillways
    • Increased storage capacity for reservoirs
    • Diversion of water for irrigation
    • Flow control preserving wide clear waterways
    • Other areas requiring economical water control
    • Stop logs are used for level control in open channels

    • Flap Gates use for Barrages

    • Emergency gates are used in reservoirs

    • Timber gates are made out of Kubuk wood, sizes are ranging from 2’x 2’ to up ward

Accessories of Gates

Accessories of cast iron gates are available for sale. Price list of Water management equipment provide the prices of accessories.

Pedestals and operating mechanisms required for variety of load conditions of gates are also provided.

Finishing of Gates

Painting is the main finishing method for all types of gates; depending on the salinity of water the different painting techniques are used. For corrosion prevention marine paints are used. Galvanizing also is used instead of painting on the request of customers. Sand blasting, Tig and Mig welding techniques are also used for strength and for better finishes.