Fabrication, installation, erection, dismantling, and repairs to steel structures, roof trusses for buildings, hangers, and wooden roofs are some of the work carried out by heavy fabrication and carpentry workshops.




 Making Roof for Buadha Statue of Maligawila

 Making Roof for Buadha Statue of  Aukana.


bullet-checkmark    Roof repair works at Sri Lanka Broadcasting co-operation       –       Rs 7.553 Mn

Carpentry works  at President Lodge at Anuradapura              –       Rs 47.00 Mnbullet-checkmark

bullet-checkmark     Making M/S Roof for Irrigation Department                               –      Rs 7.45   Mn

bullet-checkmarkManufacturing Ballets Boxes for Department of Election          –      Rs 19.54 Mn