One of major objectives of Department of Government Factory is to provide training facilities in Mechanical Engineering field. A separate staff including an engineer is involving in training activities to offer better service to trainees.
The training unit is functioning for providing training facilities to both outside trainees as well as factory employees. The outside trainees include mechanical engineers, engineering undergraduates, apprentices and technicians in technical training and apprentices who have followed IT and accounting courses.
The technical training programs have been scheduled mainly to cover areas such as, machining, welding, fabrication, fitting, drafting, and foundry practices. On the job training facilities are available for Government sector or private sector trainees who completed the relevant theory at authorized training institutes.
During the training period trainees have opportunity to familiarize with various manufacturing processes, activities and work on the job under the guidance of well experienced supervisors. This leads to acquire on the job skills as well as exposure to identify problem solving techniques, and practical experience.
The training facilities are provided free of charge for all university undergraduates, TTI, NVTC and NAITA apprentices as a service for the country.
Other than the training, we allow factory visits for School students, university undergraduates, apprentices and engineers authorized by Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka with a prior approval of Director General of Government Factory.